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protecting your kids education!

Our motivation to develop this tool is to empower people to respond to ransomware threats, protect themselves and create an awarness of the risks. we have been considering how to give back to the community in repsonse to the support we get from many places around the world.

We had been thinking about providing schools with a edition that is easy to spread and to maintain. At the same time we knew that pupils might like to play around with out tool. It is good when kids are keen to learn technologies but they should not endanger their own education.

After getting many feedbacks from experts and schools we have developed a roadmap to build an edition that will help protect childrens education from being destroyed by criminals. Our tool will make it easy for school admins to keep the computers protected.

How can i protect my school?

Our local partners are currently engaging with the different school representatives to get the best picture what schools actually want from us.

We want to make the world a safer place. But for this we need the schools feedbacks and the communities support. Our development is not state-funded so we need to finance our passionate work in this project by selling licenses to those who can afford it.

If you are interested in "Education Edition" for schools, you can contact us and join our free special schools network program.

We are constantly looking for supporters and contributers.


  • School dashboard
  • Central administration
  • Intelligent updates
  • Professional Support
  • Coordinated Trainings
  • Risk Information Network
  • Teacher Awareness program