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Update for CRyptCleaner?

we try to update our tool as often as possible. We add new features, improve functionality and extend the data in the tool so that it can deal with even more types of Ransomware at a better rate.

What are you waiting for? Get an Update for CryptCleaner here (Version

The Concept of Update Service:

We want to make it easier to keep a computer safe. Our updates included improvements in coding, speed, functionality and knwoledge.

We also add special features for engineers so that they can help you in very complex sitiations which are not solvable via a one click solution.

You can download via the update feature of the tool or using above stated link. We have now several download servers in different countries (Germany, Bulgaria, USA, India, China, Turkey).

Nevertheless, in future our tool will have 20 different locations for downloading updates so that connection speed increases as the distance from the update servers to the user is much shorter. The tool will download the databases and software updates from the location which is at that moment the fastest source.

Update Contents:

  • New Languages
  • New Features
  • New Patterns
  • New workflow
  • Improved Speed

    Improved procedures
  • Better defence
  • Knows more threats

    Offers better support

    Allows remote support