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Analyzing damaged videos - Lab Preview

Some ransomeware target video files. These criminals collect money from their victims and never return files to the computer owner. This is due to the fact, that some of these ransomeware tools are not decrypting your files. They are damaging your files in order to avoid having to program the encryption functionality in their attack software.

We had reports from partners in the asian region who first reported to us these methods of attacking photos and videos. In the internet there are some tools on offer that are supposed to repair damaged videos. We bought some licenses to test on real cases and were unsuccessful in repairing such compatible videos. The tools told us that they had fixed the files but when checking the results it was all garbage.

Hence, we decided to add to our research the development of an analysis and repair tool for damaged videos. This will be part of the professional kit. Later on the tool will also include an automatic and simplified analysis tool in order to proces large quantities of files. We have already implemented into our analysis tool an autodiscovery functionality.

Nevertheless, this research field will still require quite some work. We hope that with your purchase of licenses you will support our effort to deliver you an affordable tool that has not gained development funds by including backdoors. Hence, our tool has NOT been funded by american agencies. The development happens in Europe. The core development team is based in Germany. We do not outsource work. Our source code remains in our hands.

Selection and search

You can select prefered folders and then let the tool auto-discover all the files in the main folder and subfolders. This makes it very easy to collect all files you want to process. You do not ned to select videos one by one as in some other tools. At first the indexing might appear slow but suddenly it is then completed.

We have been trying to keep the resources usage for an infected computer as low as possible.

Sampling videos

In order to understand what a ransomware attack did to the damaged video files, data recovery and forensics experts can use our research tools to understand how they can reverse the damage. Not all files will be recoverable, but the chances are there.


Parallel to this product we have started merging several internal tools we have developed over the past years. This is now becoming part of our forensics command suite. Here we will be building special tools for criminal investigations. With the mass data analysis we will conduct in the future, we will be able to feed back into Cryptcleaner some automated features that will make it much easier for users to recover their lost files.