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Crypt Cleaner can uninstall crap and other


Computers become slower with a lot of stuff that is installed on windows and left to clog up a systems RAM. But why is that?

Some applications ask windows to load part of their code into the current memory so that they can start up quickly (MS Office or PDF viewers) or do some work in the background (i.e. antivirus). In some cases this makes sense and is in the pure interest of users. There is nothing bad in doing such.

The key disadvantage of having too much of such chains pulling on your legs is that they reduce the amount of memory available to other applications and windows. This eventually forces the computer to page more data into pagefiles on the hard drive. As most computers in the world are not high-powered expensive workstations it results in gradually slowing down installations. Eventually you become frustrated that printing a website or opening a document takes ages. This all mostly to an overloaded system.

Our approach is to provide you an optimizer tool kit to empower you to get the system lean by yourself. Due to the complexity of this task we are breaking up this toolkit into several individual toolkits integrated in the optimizer. Like that we can keep our source code cleaner and add more power to it. At the same time is is much easier for you to decide which area of your computer you would like to give a treat.