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Crypt Cleaner can compress windows registry

We are trying to provide a toolset that helps harvest dead links and obsolete entries inside windows registry. This tool will search the windows registry and inform you on what it found. Then you can decide to let it complete the job. After that you only need to reboot windows.

Spring clean Windows with care!

Never run 2 different tools at the same time to clean and compress windows at the same time! 

Here is the reason:

The advanced fetures are only available to professional users as they can crash windows if used wrongly. If you use the standard basic features everything should be fine. Nevertheless some other tools can interfere, if they are installed at the same time or have done changes to windows and have not commitred the changes to the system. Hence, they can cause a breakdown if our tool is run after them finding wrongly removed entries adjusting the system before windows can use its inbuilt self healing features.