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Crypt Cleaner can find and remove junk files


It is a habbit of ransomware to fill multiple folders of infected computers with junk files. Trying to clean this up manually takes days or even weeks. That is why we originally developed this tool.

Now you can use this software to find junkfiles inside your partition and have them automatically removed after you have had a look its list of findings.


How to use our tool to find junk files:

Open application and select button "identify infection" if you have not sampled the type of infection before otherwise go straight to the next step:

Next click on button "Search for junk files and clean".

 scan folders 1 0 1 8

In the new window click on button "Select target path and add folder to folder list".


Now you can choose drive partition "C" or select several prefered folders.

When you have all desired folders in the below table then let the search begin by clicking on the button "start search".

 scan folders part c 1 0 1 8

You will then see green bars moving as it works its way through your partition:

scan folders scanning 1 0 1 8

After it has completed its job, it will list all junk files it found. Select the tab "File Search and cleaning".


Now you can click on the button "start cleaning" to let it start removing the junk files. Each deleted file is confirmed with a changing tag in the table.


Now just close the window to return to the application's dashboard.


From here you will then go to step #2.2 "Search for junk in registry".