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Guarding your Computer?

Often ransomware and authentification attacks happen when you are not at your desk or you are distracted.
Our new windows service monitors and updates automatically the defence of your computer.

What are you wating for? Lets empower this new strategy tool!

The Concept of Background Service:

We want to make it easier to keep a computer safe. Often Users either do not understand the importance of keeping a computer updates or can't be bothered to care for the computer as their daily schedules take up so much of their vital time.

Therefore we were looking for a way to monitor the system without slowing down the computer. In order to keep a computer safe, the tool needs to index all installed software and compare it with a database.

We have been considering to do such also for the installed drives, as they are also a vulnerability. Even local routers with outdated firmware can be dangerous but some devices may not report their current firmware via information requests.

Only if the software knows its neighbours it can compare regular activity with hijacked applications which might start running attacks on distance servers in the internet. These attacks are not only a danger for the victimized server but also for the owner of the computer as his internet access might be so exhausted that he gets a terrible phone bill at the end of the next month.

Hence, we want to address different vulnerabilities besides our key objective of dealing with the aftermath of ransomware attacks.

Nevertheless, our new windows background service is currently being updated with new features and improvements as we move from month to month. Not all features will be actived at once, as we want to avoid computers being slowed down.

Key Advantages:

  • Automatic updates computer defence
  • Checks computer for vulnerabilities
  • Monitors Network for attacks
  • Stops hijack spam activities
  • Compares settings with recommendations

    Detects malicious application activities
  • Reduces the burdon on user activities
  • Warns user of potential threats

    Adapts to local internet speed

    Optimizes usage of connectivities

    Makes it easier to protect with low budget