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Crypt Cleaner Mission


After a friend got seriously hit by TeslaCrypt we tried to recover his data and clean up his computer. Part of the data could be recovered but the rest was already encrypted. The trojan was successfully removed but it had left a lot of junk and slowed down his Windows 7 notebook to an extreme level. After cleaning up a few folders it became apparent that this was way beyond any manual or script job.

So the idea evolved to develop a software to get the computer cleaner up. A manual job would not have been affordable for this friend.

This is the moment when our new product was "invented".


Hence our mission:

We want to help clean up computers after ransomware attacks. It should be easy to use and at the same time easy to update so that it could cope with future kinds of attacks. The product would have to be available to a large variety of clients around the world at an affordable price.

At the same time we wanted to provide a powerful tool to the professional community of fellow data recovery experts and computer forensics engineers.

Now we are gradually winning more supporters to gain further insight into other types of infections.