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Crypt Cleaner can identify the type of infection


When a trojan or ransomware has hit your computer you usually are not quite sure what it is you are against. Our tool samples files and data on your computer to identify the type of ransomware that has got into your computer. This is possible even after antivirus software has removed the trojan itself.


How to use our tool to identify infection:

Open application and select identify infection.

Next click on button "Start analyzing type of infection".

After it has completed its job, it will list samples it took and highlight its trend towards a particular type of infection (i.e. TeslaCrypt V7).

scan infection 1 0 1 8
The tool stores this information so that it can focus its next steps on this particular type of attack.


Now just close the window to return to the application's dashboard.


From here you will then go to step #2.1 "Search for junk files and clean" which should be followed by step #2.2 "Search for junk in registry".