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Decrypt many ransomware files on the fly

When you have lots of folders filled with lots of documents and fotos which have been encrypted by ransomware then things are pritty bad. Gradually over the time solutions for individual types of trojan infections are available.

Challenges in descryption

The key issue is that every type of infection tends to use different types of encryption keys and levels. Some encrypt with AES 128 Keys and others with AES 256 keys. Some use a key and add to it identifiers of your hardware (e.g. CPU id + HDD ID + G-Card ID). Some even are designed to destroy your data with no purpose to deliver data after paying them the ransom.

So the decryption tool has to get a flexible database letting it folow a workflow fitting to the individual situation. that makes things for programmers a challange as this tool was originally developed to just clean up after ransomware attacks. So we are axctually now ghoing way beyond the original objective.

This is partly to some keys being idntified or cracks or released. There are a few tools online free of charge, but they are not always the way other people would like to have. 

Usability is our priority

At this project we are trying to make a tool that can deal with the situation for you. It looks by itself for encrypted data and with one click it will create a data recovery folder to where it will copy files it is decrypting on the fly.

Range of supported Ransomware decryption

We have been requested to add more and more support also for other ransomware infections beside the original TeslaCrypt campaign. There are currently several cases we are investigating on computers in Italy, Colombia, Germany, UK and elsewhere.

Since we are not funded by state funds, billionares or huge profits, we try to keep up our dedication to this software development. Our key focus is not on becoming rich or making huge turnover but on providing a sustainable service and product.