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Need to repair your Files?

Some ransomware damaged files but paying the ransom never results in getting files back. In cooperation with data recovery experts accross Europe we are building speical tools to deal wit such Crysis.

What are you wating for? Lets empower this new strategy tool!

The Concept of File Repair Analysis:

When a user or company has to deal with damaged files then often one tries to find a solution. Not every idea is going to get back your files.

In different countries computer repair shops and data recovery experts contacted us in the hope we could help them solve the crysis for their clients.

Unfortunately not every situation can be answered with a simple Yes or No.

First it is absolutely necessary to analyize the type of attack so that one can respond in the correct maner. If a computer technician does not know what exactly hit the user he will never be able to recover the encrypted or damaged files.

Therefore we started developing manual and automated analysis tools into CryptCleaner so that technicians can understand what they are up against.

In our Meeting in Prague (03/2017) we met with data recovery experts from Bulgaria, Estonia, Serbia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Argentina and other countries. We discussed the road map we have set for the tool and the current developments.

They have confirmed to us that we are on the right path as they need the special toolkit we are developing.

Preview of tool kit: