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PRICING and Payment

You can purchase a single user license or a technical license (i.e. for data recovery experts). Depending on the purchased version there are some differences in the available features:

Payment options (paypal)

Single User



Yes, you can pay in british pounds

£17 GBP

License Version

£597 GBP

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Yes, you can pay in Euros

17 EUR

License Version

597 EUR

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Yes, you can pay in US Dollars

17 USD

597 USD

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Yes, you can pay with Bitcoins (BTC)

0.025 BTC


0.3125 BTC

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Questions & Answers

We try to provide Information in Advance. Cross ReFerence:

We try to answer all possible questions regarding the licenses we affer for sale.

License related FAQs

single user


On how many computers can i install and activate the tool?
=> the tool usually will alow you to activate the software on one computer

1 PC


Can I install the tool on one computer an clean other computers in my network
=> the tool as single license is designed to be installed on the infected computer so not to risk it spreading

only on patient

patient and doctor
Can i get updates and for how long?
=> The tool can look for updates and let you download them. Updates are fre within the current main version.

1 Year

1 Year