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About us? We are ACATO

Our enthusiasmus drives our daily quest to make the world a safer place.
We want to create affordable security software with a longterm perspective.

What are you wating for? WE NEED YOU!

Our Objectives:

We want to deliver products and services to help people regain control of their data.

Whether one has lost data due to damaged hard drives or due to aggressive ransomware, the team making up the global ACATO community of experts tries to get back your data.

We are not some mechanical team just fixing problems with simple tools but we actually develop our own solutions. In our team there are programmers, electronics, radio communications and informatics experts.

We hold a large variety of professional certifications besides applying our knowledge with some of the best tools on the market. We deliver solutions for IT forensics, auditors, IT managers, IT admins, consumers and investors. Our core team comprises of european citizens and is extended by fellow experts cooperating with us in several research projects.


  • Programmers and Technicians
  • Certified Forensics Experts
  • Multinational Expert Network
  • Dedication to Research
  • Easy to use toolkit
  • Background security
  • Multilanguage capabilites

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